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Sodastream featured

Sodastream Jet Starter Kit

Enjoy freshly made, great tasting sparkling water/seltzer in less than 30 seconds with no mess. Requires no electricity or batteries. Reusable carbonating bottles last for three years with hermetically sealed caps to keep drinks fresh and fizzy.

Made by: SodaStream
PRICE: $87.85
Slim Calm Sexy featured 152x 137

Slim Calm Sexy Diet: 365 Proven Food Strategies for Mind/Body Bliss [Paperback]

Keri Glassman uses cutting-edge research that shows how certain foods work in tandem with the body’s natural systems, and explains the simple tweaks that can turn “fat, frazzled, and frumpy” into “slim, calm, and sexy.”

Made by: Keri Glassman
PRICE: $13.49

Crunchies – Freeze Dried Vegetable Snack Roasted Veggies

This case of six 2.25-ounce resealable pouches (13.5 total ounces) is 100% all-natural freeze-dried roasted vegetables are an excellent low-fat source of Vitamins A and C.
Made by: Crunchies
PRICE: $4.89

Bobble BPA Free Water Bottle Set (6 Assorted Colors)

Bobble Water Bottles have an active carbon filter eliminates toxins and harmful chemicals such as chlorine and other organic contaminants from the water as you sip.


Made by: Bobble
PRICE: $59.99
snack taxi

SnackTaxi Snack Sack- Edgy Veggie

The reusable snack-sack neatly fits rice cakes, pretzels or corn chips, and is equally good for carrot or celery sticks!


Made by: Snack Taxi
PRICE: $7.95

Beanitos Black Bean Chips, Chipotle BBQ

These Chips Are Always Corn Free, And Made With Whole Black Beans, And Whole Grain Rice. Chipotle Bbq Black Bean Beanitos Are Packed Full Of What You Love In A Traditional Snack Chip.

Made by: Beanitos
PRICE: $35.86
Ocean yoga mat 152x137

Aurorae Classic Yoga Mats

Ultra thick 1/4″ mat for impact absorption, Extra Long Mat 72″ comfort for all sizes

Made by: Aurorae
PRICE: $34.95
Yoga mat wash

Aurorae Organic Yoga Mat Wash

Naturally Cleans, Disinfects, Restores and Refreshes. Safe, Non Toxic and biodegradable. Made with Organic Oils. Prolongs the life of your mat

Made by: Aurorae
PRICE: $11.95
Chocolate Zico Water

ZICO Chocolate Coconut

Only 110 calories per bottle with 30% less sugar than other leading coconut waters and 60% less sugar and calories than leading chocolate milks. Loaded with electrolytes, including more potassium than a banana and 15 x the potassium of sports drinks. Dairy free.

Made by: ZICO
PRICE: $25.31 (pack of 12)
Tea rex tea infuser

Tea Rex Tea Infuser

Chain with hook for hanging on your mug while brewing. Makes tea time fun!

Made by: DCI
PRICE: $9.64